What is "The Cello Lab ?

The Cello Lab is a "Laboratory of cello studies." It is the place where cellists, (conservatory students and young professionals) go to discuss and solve specific instrumental problems. 
It is the place to develop new practice habits.

Why would I go there?

You are studying the cello and are in need of another “angle of attack”, another look at your abilities, or simply a “second opinion”. 

The Cello Lab is also the place to have occasional or regular private "maintenance" lessons, focusing on the repertoire or the instrumental problem of your choice.

A  Tool, not a School...

It is up to the visitor to decide what he wants to talk about and how often he wants to come. There is no minimum amount of lessons required. The teaching is based on “How to practice” more than on “What to practice”. The Cello Lab is not a school. It is a tool that will be very useful in many cases.